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Foil Balloons can be filled with either Air or Helium, therefore Lunar Balloons showcases mostly Self-Seal Foil Balloons to ensure our balloons will remain inflated for the duration intended, whether you inflate it at home or by a party specialist. Please see below options to ensure you purchase the correct foil balloon for the type of inflation you choose:

Option 1
Air inflated Foil Balloons: Foil Balloons up to 45cm are suitable for air filling, our self-seal foil balloons will make it easy for you to inflate your balloon at home with no risk of it deflating prematurely. Lunar Balloons can also air fill your foil balloon at no charge.

Please be advised that Air inflated balloons will not float, therefore you will need the stick and cup to keep it upright. Sticks and cups can be purchased from Lunar Balloons when picking up your order.

Option 2
Helium inflated Balloons: All Foil Balloons in our collection are suitable to be filled by helium. Lunar Balloons can inflate it for local customers at a low cost. Prices vary depending on the size of the balloon, we will advise you of the cost. You can also go to your local party shop for helium inflation.

Option 3
Foil Balloons over 60cm: Whether the foil balloon is self-seal or not, it must be filled with helium. Some of our extra large Foil Balloons are not self-seal and will need a sealing machine to seal the balloon correctly. Lunar Balloons offers this form of sealing aswell as all party stores that offer helium inflation.

Please contact us if you need your Foil Balloon to be Air or Helium inflated at our Taylors Hill, Vic location.


PLEASE NOTE: All Balloons are sold flat packed, and can be inflated at Lunar Balloons in Taylors Hill Melbourne. Helium inflation will be at a small fee. Air inflation will be Free of charge. Please call us on 0405 109 765 if you require this service.


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